This week The Clyde Market opened inside the The Clyde Venue at 223 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The owner Mallory Adams together with general manager Leah Hope, unveiled a coffee bar that can be an idea lab, as much as, a place to refuel. They get their coffee from Social Grounds to create magical caffeinated elixirs and specialty coffees worthy of a slow morning or a languid afternoon. TCM also boasts the only location downtown to enjoy a thick and creamy smoothie bowl. The Clyde Market is a hub for hosting regular gatherings of people to promote and sell products that don’t have brick and mortar locations. The Clyde Market is open Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm and Sunday 11am-5pm. There is really not much reason to ever leave!

What is your favorite TCM creation and why?

My favorite creation is the Pink Smoothie bowl. It is vibrant in color and has the most delicious fruit toppings. It’s also picture perfect! I also really love the bananas foster latte. This drink is made with almond milk that has real bananas in it! Its super unique and tasty!

Do you use a specific kind of coffee?

Yes! We get our coffee from Social Grounds out in Jacksonville. I love this company because it is a veteran owned shop that has a mission of employing homeless veterans to help them get back on their feet and headed in the right direction. So every cup of coffee we sell here aids in this process. Helping veterans is also one of the Clyde’s missions too. We were on the creative team that developed Savannah Carnaval and we still participate every year. This is a huge fundraiser that raises money for veterans that are in need of service dogs. So naturally these two go hand in hand and we look forward to how we can collaborate with them for Carnaval 2022!


What sets The Clyde Market apart?

We are the only shop in downtown Savannah that sells Smoothie bowls! We also have a really fun and creative menu that makes coffee exciting and new!

When people stop by to check out TCM for the first time, please let us know what you consider to be the perfect order?

I think the perfect order is a smoothie bowl that is nice, cold and refreshing with almond butter drizzle. Pair this with a warm cereal milk latte and it’s the perfect balance of hot and cold fruity flavors!