Hosts Kieannie Parker, Tiffani Williams and Loni Lewis explore Savannah from the perspective of three amazing black women in hospitality for one of Savannah’s newest podcasts, The Riff. They are all so different but when they get together they celebrate their unique individuality through lively conversation. In today’s climate, we don’t spend enough time talking with friends and that’s what is refreshing about The Riff.  It’s a podcast that brings important subjects to light, patronizes and helps spread the word about Savannah businesses which is so important and just gives you an enjoyable listen to the topic at hand. If you haven’t already lent your ear to The Riff then please read on to find out some more information about these three friends. Also, don’t forget to give them a listen right here for friends, food and fun.


What do you love about podcasting?

We love the food, fun and adventure that comes from the conversations that we have! We already spend time together but this gives us a platform to document and share our adventures all over Savannah!  We are everyone’s friends and we want to spread the joy of being fun and exploring the space we live, work and play in!

If someone isn’t familiar with your podcast…what is it about and why should they listen?

They should listen because we are a Savannah based podcast featuring the unique perspectives of three talented local friends in the hospitality field. We are FUN personified and we have unscripted conversations just like everyday people…but with more fun involved! You get to see a glimpse of everyday Savannah life in every episode, which can be fun or scary depending on how you view it! Ha!

What’s next for The Riff?

We are just starting out, so we will continue to explore Savannah, highlighting the people and places we come across! We would love to grow our listenership and followers in the future, and perhaps one day have some merchandise and sponsorship.

What do you love about Savannah?

Being able to take your drinks to go. It’s a little big city: so much to do, see and be involved in a little town! Less traffic than Atlanta and more opportunities to grow and learn. Friendly locals and new adventures every day! We are a little pocket of southern hospitality that hasn’t been disturbed….well maybe a little…thanks transplants! We do love the transplants though!

What makes you feel most accomplished?

When people say they listen to our podcast! It’s an amazing feeling to be able to do something outside of our normal day to day and be successful at it, and have people cheering us on too…that’s accomplishment. We may not have 10k followers but we love ever single person that takes the time to listen and hear our stories because #blackstoriesmatter

If you only had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

Tiffani: ride the Old Town Trolley, hop on hop off all day; use it as a mode of transportation and grab drinks to-go everywhere!
Kieanie: Visit all the squares and snap photos and then do a rooftop bar crawl!
Loni: Go bargain/thrift hunting on the Southside, get some local bbq to go and have a picnic in Forsyth Park so I can people watch, then do a happy hour crawl in the historic district.