There has been a lot of buzz around the Acai Bowl.  This healthy dish traces its roots back to Brazil and has now made its way to Tybee at the newly opened Mi Vida at 1315 Butler Avenue. Renowned as a superfood, the Açaí berry is rich in antioxidants and is an easy way to incorporate more berries into your diet. Husband and wife team Frank and Mari, are making healthy, delicious options more accessible on the island. Beyond the menu of delectable, organic cold-pressed juices and healthy bowls, Mi Vida also offers tasty and nutritious breakfast toast, sandwiches, sides & salads. Stop by today and welcome Mi Vida to the Savannah family and get juiced or spooned your choice.

Tell us what sets MiVida apart?

Well, there aren’t too many healthy options on Tybee, and we wanted a place that catered to that lifestyle. No one was really committed to cold pressed juices or Açaí bowls. In a hot beach town, we thought it would be a perfect fit. Plus, we have lots of grab and go items that you can grab for lunch or for a family day at the beach. Since we are in a beach town, we also committed to using only recyclable or compostable take out containers. We were really shocked to see the amount of Styrofoam and plastic containers being used.

What are some of the menu items and what makes them special?

The cold pressed juices are 100% fruit and veggies. No sugars or water added. We are shooting for 100% organic, but are still new and working with a few vendors to get us there. Some of the specialty items, like Jamón Ibérico) we just can’t get organic, so we will continue to source that from Spain. We are very vegan and vegetarian friendly,  but still have plenty for the carnivores.

Good coffee is important…please tell us about your source?

We source out coffee from the town where we used to live in Costa Rica. It’s a small, boutique roaster that uses beans from the Terrazu region. We have it shipped in small quantities often to ensure it’s fresh.

Is MiVida grab-n-go, dine-in or takeout?

All 3!!

When people come to visit MiVida please let us know what you would consider the perfect order?

Coffee, of course. We cold pressed our orange juice, so I would Recommend that. Of course you should try one of our bowls. I would suggest the Blue Spirulina bowl. For the toasts, I’d go with the Bocadillo. It has 36 month aged jamón iberico, 12 month aged manchego, a grape tomato salad, micro greens and fresh ground salt and pepper. Add a poached egg and its heaven. Finish off your breakfast with Chef Emily’s vegan cookies and muffins and grab a snack for the beach later.

Please let people know the best way to find you on social media, websites, etc.?

We can be found on Instagram @mividatybee and Facebook @mividacoldoressedjuice