The pandemic forced small businesses to adopt new digital habits and many are now here to stay. Kenneth Rouche is the founder and owner of Wing-N-It a premium food service that specializes in wings, vegan/vegetarian options, seafood and in-house sauces and dressing. You won’t find WNI in a brick-and-mortar location or even rolling up in a food truck. Instead they are operating solely on a pop-up service basis. This means they travel around the city of Savannah everyday of the week to different locations. To get your hands on some of these rave-worthy wings you need to follow Wing-N-It on their social media platforms IG or FB at @wingnitsav and wait for an update of which area they will be rolling into and then send them a message to receive a menu and place an order. Once the order is confirmed the pickup time and address is sent. Also, keep an eye out for them to pop-up around town at local establishments. Follow Wing-N-It today and secure your spot for some Honey Lemon Pepper original wing creations or some Cauliflower Wings that meat-lovers can’t get enough of and don’t forget the fried biscuits.

I have been seeing rave reviews about WNI…what sets you apart from the others?

What sets us apart is we really focus on the customer experience and food quality! Our goal is to be the example of outstanding customer service and creative food worth sharing! We have locations around the entire city so it makes us more accessible than any other food service in the area!

What is the best way for people to get their hands on some of your much hyped wings?

We are the first social media restaurant which means the only way to contact us or even to know where we are that day is if you follow our pages! You must follow us on social media platforms or you can also reach us through email at

If people are ordering from WNI for the first time…what would you suggest they get?

For someone’s first time I would suggest follow your heart and taste buds! We have created an upgraded wing experience so if you already have a favorite go to for wings, our wings will be just the upgraded version of that! We like to tell our guest all the time we are a journey not a race so it will take time to get to the end! We add new flavors and options weekly and monthly so you will never get bored with our menu! Our most popular flavor is an original created by us called the “Honey Lemon Pepper Flavor!” We also encourage everyone try our vegan options!

What do you love about Savannah?

One thing I love about Savannah is the Southern Hospitality that we are known for around the world! The interaction of two strangers walking past each other and speaking with a smile is an experience we in Savannah take so much pride in!

What makes you feel most accomplished?

The thing that makes us feel the most accomplished is the fact that we can be an inspiration to the younger generation and the older generation! It’s such a great feeling when someone comes up to us and say they are inspired by us or we gave them the confidence to believe in themselves! That was always the goal!!!

If you only had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

If we had one night in Savannah I would most likely suggest you come to a WNI live pop up event! We do a lot of social events, community outreach and event intimate events for couples like our Sip and Paint events! Our goal is to be a service that offers memorable experiences and great food worth sharing!