Claude Galipeau started True Earth as an aquaponics farm, he developed a system that uses fish as fertilizer and grew some impressive organic produce. He expanded this system and started sending shipping containers overseas to “feed the world.” But his focus shifted when his wife received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Claude did not let fear stop him from researching how to help her, he started researching heavily in functional medicine to assist with her upcoming battle. He found some promising information with the natural benefits of black turmeric, however, black turmeric was extremely rare in the US. He went on a hunt and was able to procure the illusive plant. Fast forward 5 years, his wife is in remission and he has started to help others in their journey to become healthier.

Black Turmeric Plants in Savannah, GA

Claude and his team of medical experts work with patients and their doctors to create a functional medicine regimen to compliment their conventional treatments. Pairing organic tinctures like black turmeric, hemp and moringa, to name a few, can help counteract side effects of treatment, strengthen your immune system and assist in positive results from conventional treatments. Claude’s wife is not the only one to show significant positive results, the True Earth team has helped people with respiratory illnesses, digestive issues, cancer and even ADHD in kids.

The crew at Team Earth works diligently to assure their products are of highest quality, each bottle is tracked for efficiency and analyzed for possible improvements. Not all tinctures are created equal and Claude wants to make sure he is providing the very best for his customers.

To work with True Earth, you can contact them directly to schedule a Zoom meeting with the nurse practitioner and your medical team. From there, they will analyze your case and create the best mixture from True Earth’s arsenal of impressive remedies. They will continue to work with you and your medical team to ensure the functional medicines are working well with your conventional medicines with the goal to have you feeling better in a shorter amount of time.

You can also find True Earth products including natural fertilizer and honey on their website, COR Compost booth at the Forsyth Farmers Market, Brighter Day Natural Foods Market or Superbloom.