Pirates wear patches
Pirates have hooks
They gather gold by the batches
While giving dirty looks

Pirates wear white shirts
With big puffy sleeves
Help us find all our treasures
On the Isle of Tybee

The poor old shark is greatly misunderstood
Which is a shame cause he’s really quite good
Take your first photo inside a shark’s mouth if you’re brave
Show them you’re not afraid to go to a sharky grave!
(Be sure to tag @ScoutSavannah912)

The pirates lost their anchor off the bow of the boat
They’ve looked near and far even in areas remote
Take a quick pic as you’re buzzing past
As all of the cars will be driving quite fast

They threw out the ropes on the dock of AJ
But someone stole Blackbeard’s chair, the rules were disobeyed
It looks like a rainbow how far could it have strayed
Please help them find it before they head on their way

Next we need to find the mermaid who guides us out to sea
She can usually be found playing with the fish which is fun, we agree
Maybe look where the road splits in three

Our friend Harry the Hippo is trying to get home
He was last spotted on the South End. How far could he roam?
He’s the last of our treasures that we need to gather
It’s time to set off on our way to live happily ever after
Make sure to tag @ScoutSavannah912 with all of your photos, we hope this day has provided much laughter

You’ve been a big help today and we’ve made a great team
When we receive all your pictures we’ll reward you with ice cream