Scout’s ongoing series, “What’s New Savannah,” will highlight the growth of our great city. We will welcome recently opened restaurants, watering holes and shops, as well as, other hot spots to encourage you to explore what’s happening around town. Find out a little about each establishment right from the source.

Provisions | 101 W. Liberty Street |

Provisions was started as a desire to unite the creative community of New York. Since 2019, Provisions has hosted various events in Brooklyn and virtually throughout the pandemic. These gatherings have brought together emerging and established creatives and culinary brands, while benefiting different NY based charities. As Provisions evolves, they have set down roots in Savannah, Georgia. They will be carrying the same ethos that was cultivated in NY and featuring emerging artists and makers in the low country.

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm & Sun 12:30pm-6pm

Please tell us what Provisions has to offer our Savannah readers?

Provisions is a neighborhood wine and grocery store focusing on organic wine, elevated pantry staples and handcrafted home goods. We are aiming to be your one stop shop for dinner parties or your weekly grocery trip. Our goal is to help you create memories around the table, gathering over fantastic food and beverages. Each product that is in Provisions has been brought in with attention to quality. We poured our heart and souls into this space and can’t wait to share these delicious items with you!

Please tell us what sets Provisions apart?

Provisions is an elevated shopping experience that transports you to the countryside of France, while still being approachable and comfortable. Our items are products that I fell in love with in NYC and I’m excited to have them all in one shop mixed in with low country staples.

In your opinion, what should every shopper not leave your store without?

You can’t leave Provisions without a great bottle of wine, try something you’re not familiar with. Wine is meant for enjoyment and gathering. We hope to bring you wines that offer that sense of community and connection. And taking home a hunk of great cheese to go with it doesn’t hurt too 🙂


Shuk Savannah | 1313 Habersham Street|

The Mediterranean food boom continues with this new addition to the Savannah line up. And you will want to line-up quick to gather and relish in fresh, honest, and creative fare inspired by flavors of the Mediterranean.

Hours: By Day: 7:30-4 By Night: 5-close

Please tell us what people can expect from Shuk Savannah and what sets it apart?

Shuk is seeking to create a nurturing space where the community can gather and relish in fresh, honest, creative fare inspired by flavors of the Mediterranean.

Can you share a little about the space?

Shuk is a dual concept- in our cafe you can enjoy coffee as well as our daytime menu in an airy bright space with an open kitchen. We have many pieces of unique art for our customers to enjoy!
By night guests can spend time in our more intimate ‘stoa’ space or in our indoor/outdoor bar area. The bar area is filled with tiles, fountains, and doors procured from across the Mediterranean.

Please tell us what you believe to be “the perfect order” if someone is visiting Shuk Savannah for the first time?

The Shuk menu allows for a ‘perfect order’ for almost any dietary type. The more adventurous eater may enjoy our sabich sandwich- filled with tahini egg salad, fried eggplant, and sauces. Alternatively our chicken schwarma served in a bowl or over greens is a delicious lunch option and has proven to be a crowd favorite already!

Bad Obsession Records | 11215 Abercorn St, Suite 7 |

New record store in Savannah. Vinyl, CD’s, Cassettes, Catfight Coffee and more. Featuring local art as well.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-6pm Fri-Sat 11am-7pm Sun 11am-4pm

Please tell us what Bad Obsession Records has to offer our Savannah readers?

Bad Obsession Records is the newest record store in Savannah. What we bring to Savannah is the convenience of a record store on the South Side of town with a wide selection of titles and hopefully provide an “old fashioned” record store vibe. We sell new and used vinyl, CD’s, tapes, patches, local artwork as well as store merchandise and are a select retailer of Catfight brand coffee. (Ground and bagged.)

Please tell us what sets BOR apart?

What sets Bad Obsession Records apart from other record stores is our selection, our “Featured Artist of the Month” program, the vibe of the store, as well as our partnerships, both near and far, in which it is our goal to provide you with some of the best music, local art, and other products that you just don’t see anywhere.

In your opinion, what should every shopper not leave your store without?

In my opinion, every shopper should not leave my store without the desire to come back again. And, I mean, it wouldn’t hurt if they bought a record, or t-shirt on the way!


Brochu’s Family Tradition | 2400 Bull St Suite 8 |

**Targeted opening date first week of December

Brochu’s Family Tradition was recently named by Vogue as one of America’s Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings in 2022. This project was originally slated to open in Chicago in the summer of 2020. The pandemic redirected Andrew & Sophie Brochu back to the South where they were born and raised. Scout suggests setting a calendar reminder now because you are not going to want to miss this! Don’t forget to take a photo of the “perfect order” to have on hand.

Hours: Wed-Sun 5-10pm (to start)

Please tell us what people can expect from Brochu’s and what sets it apart?

Inspired by boisterous family gatherings, Brochu’s offers casual dining from a Michelin-starred chef. In the words of Robb Report, expect “fried chicken and seafood with high levels of execution and low levels of fuss.”

Can you share a little about the space?

Located in a former 1930s-era grocery store, Brochu’s was built in the loading dock of David’s Supermarket, where trucks backed in deliveries. The casual Starland District space features an exposed kitchen, a full bar, a kitchen table, a pickup window, a patio, string lights, and personal touches throughout.

Please tell us what you believe to be “the perfect order” if someone is visiting Brochu’s for the first time?

Chargrilled oysters, cheddar rillettes, a crispy salad, and Brochu’s famous whole chicken dinner with chamomile spice and sunchoke hot sauce. Round out your meal with a refreshing cocktail and a slice of honey pie.


Photo by Robin Elise Maaya


The Snug Irish Pub | 216 Johnny Mercer Blvd, Suite C2 |

Danny Merritt , Co Founder of Nine Line Apparel & Matt Lipman , founder of Creek Fire Motor Ranch created an Irish Pub where they live on Wilmington Island. They believe in two main ideas: Provide the best atmosphere to relax and feel at home and make sure they have the greatest Bar-Pies on Earth.

Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Friday, Sat, Sun 11am-11pm

Please tell us what people can expect from The Snug Irish Pub and what sets it apart?

The Pub is based on an Irish Pub that Danny worked at growing up in New England (Stamford Connecticut). Each part of the Pub comes from different experiences in my life and places traveled in my 20 years in the Military. Copper top bar comes from a family owned bar in Westport, Connecticut. Selling beer by the Meter (16 8 Oz Beers served on a Meter long board) comes from my first Duty Station in the US Army, in Kaiserslautern, Germany back in 2000. Bar Style Pizza was the mission and bringing that style pizza to WI was the entire model for our business.  We built an entire company on a Bar Pie and we nailed it.  We have created probably the best New England Style Pizza on Earth. (Check Our Reviews) 

Can you share a little about the space?

Our place is fairly upscale in appearance but reasonably priced (Bar-pies cost $12) . We have pressed tin ceiling, penny tile floors, leather backed bar stools, and more whiskey than probably all the bars on the Island combined.   We look and feel like a cozy, clean, fun Irish Pub set right here in GA. We have an Honor Wall – where we pay tribute to service members past and present.  We just recently had Wilmington Islands oldest living veteran (104 Years Young) to bring in his picture to hang on our wall. We will fill the entire dining room with photos from veterans. All the pictures on the back wall in the main dining room are filled with photos I have taken in my adventures through Europe.  

Please tell us what you believe to be “the perfect order” if someone is visiting TSIP for the first time?

Sausage, Onion, Hot Oil Bar-Pie NO DOUBT


VEL | 1508 Bull Street  |

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm & Sat-Sun 9am-6pm

Please tell us what VEL has to offer our Savannah readers?

From the very beginning, VEL has been dedicated to creating a space that unleashes motivation and passion. We are a meticulously engineered, cafe-oriented workspace with award-winning coffee, food to fuel, revolutionary workspaces and the technologies of tomorrow. VEL is a workspace that meets a person’s particular needs through a combination of onsite amenities and cutting edge workspace design. At VEL, you can work in a transactional setting and be more efficient while co-working.

Simply put, our work cafe exists so that you can accomplish twice as much in half the time and then spend the change on life beyond the screen!

Please tell us what sets VEL apart?

The short answer is that it can alter to your particular specifications to create a space and place that, by design, will help you get into your flow state faster. How often do you find yourself sitting in a coffee shop cursing to yourself about that one loud customer, or music that’s too loud, or the cafe kept too cold? VEL corrects that to help you focus on the work you need to do.

At VEL, we’ve thought of everything – from optimal lighting and temperature, to secure rapid wifi, sound masking and acoustic engineering, reservable, private seating, and so much more! We’re here to help remote workers to be more productive. Come see us today!

Are there any specials readers should not miss?

VEL offers a subscription based model for reserving private seating ahead of time. To learn more about our subscription package, visit our website! We also have some exciting holiday drink specials coming up – keep an eye on our social media for more info! @VELSavannah


Folklore |  36 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.|

**Targeted opening date first week of December, 20, 2022

From ambitious chef Ryan Whyte-Buck and Bellwether Hospitality, Folklore is an exploration of the storied foods from around the world told through a Southern lens. Their dishes are refined, but simple, served in a light filled dining room on a historic street in Downtown Savannah. They guarantee a familiar but unique experience every time.

Hours-8am-1pm (Brunch) and 6pm-10pm (Dinner)

Please tell us what people can expect from Folklore and what sets it apart?

We are elevated Southern cuisine with East Asian influences. What sets us apart is our approach to food and dedication to a guests experience.  We want guests to feel comforted by our personal touches to traditional dishes.

Can you share a little about the space?

We are on the corner of MLK and Congress. So we incorporate a juxtaposition of natural glow with dark wood accents.  The atmosphere will be casual for Brunch with a fine dining feel for Dinner.

Please tell us what you believe to be “the perfect order” if someone is visiting TSIP for the first time?

For Brunch “the perfect order” would be our blueberry goat cheese syrinikis (fluffy ukrainian style pancakes) with a Papa Legba (our version of espresso martini). For Dinner “the perfect order” would be to order multiple large plates and sides to be shared with your accompanied guests (choose your own adventure, but make it family style).


NeuroEnergetics Spine & Sport | 7505 Waters Avenue, Suite D1 |

Specials you can’t miss! Any Scout Savannah readers receive 15% off their new patient exam and first round of services!

Hours-By Appointment M-Th 9-2:30; 4:30-6

Please tell us what people can expect from NeuroEnergetics and what sets it apart?

NeuroEnergetics Spine & Sport is a chiropractic clinic specializing in chronic pain treatments based in neurology, lymphatics, and adapting the body’s stress response. Our clinical expertise has created a holistic health pathway to guide your mind and body towards harmonic vitality. Services include Chiropractic Pain Management, Brain-based integration therapies, vision diagnostics & integration therapy, sensory therapy, brainwave synchronization therapy, brainwave EEG-Neurofeedback diagnostics & training, compression massage & lymphatic drainage, vibroacoustic (sound) massage, online brain assessment & training, nutritional support, and manipulation under anesthesia.

Please tell us what sets NE apart?

Like most chiropractic offices, we have short appointments for those who have graduated care and are popping in for maintenance every once in a while, however Initial Care appointments at NeuroEnergetics are 30 to 60 minutes. This is designed to optimize healing by addressing all your unique needs with our “brain-first” philosophy. Our deep dive into what drives your pain allows for increased quality of life and improved recovery when paired with standard medical treatment of conditions most might consider “something I just have to live with”, such as generalized chronic pain and fibromyalgia, digestive health concerns, concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury, vertigo, tinnitus, post-surgical recovery, spinal cord injury, early onset Alzheimer and Parkinsonism, adult and juvenile ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and diabetes. Chiropractic adjustments manage your pain to reduce inflammatory receptor activity, the typically untreated force behind most chronic ailments. Meanwhile, our neurological treatment upgrades your system, boosting natural healing factors, and re-integrates “disconnected” body parts and organ systems.

In your opinion, why should everyone consider a consultation with NE?

We all have that “one thing” that has been nagging us for months…maybe years. It could be that constant dragging feeling, brain fog, random back pain that comes and goes, or a rickety knee or ankle. NeuroEnergetics is the place chronic ailments get recycled back into vitality. Stress is the driving factor of most pain related problems in life, and at NeuroEnergetics, stress dissolution and mind-body integration are our top priorities. Life happens fast and maybe you didn’t have time to properly rehab the ankle you twisted in high school or you’ve knocked your head over a few books in college. These seemingly small issues create a disruption that over time changes how you move and feel in your body. Most times, there’s a simple fix. It’s all about knowing which key to use on your mind-body lock. That’s where NeuroEnergetics comes in. We create depth and experience while you are under our care with the goal of you leaving here feeling “full”-bodied.