Nick and Tonya recently opened Locally Made Savannah at 223 W. Broughton St (between Jefferson and Barnard). A shop that is open year round 7 days a week, where people can get acquainted with the works of local artists, designers and craftspeople who are “making” it in the Lowcountry. This is Nick and Tonya’s second business venture in Savannah as they also own one of Savannah’s favorite doggy daycares, The Hipster Hound.  Tonya wrote, “The way The Hipster Hound started years ago was making and selling dog treats at local artisan markets. We still do a few a year too. We really got to know many wonderful makers and see the quality and variety they offer to consumers and thought it’s a shame nobody has made a store like this before so we decided to do it. We literally want to show people what Savannahs made of.”

And that’s not all, while you are shopping this exquisite arts & crafts mecca be sure to grab a decadent “monster” milkshake from Locally’s very own cafe. This shop is “sweet” in more ways than one!



Tell us a little about what types of products people can expect to find?

We have such a variety..we represent around 150 different local businesses from Savannah/Lowcountry area. We sell apparel, jewelry, packaged foods, candles, skin care, homewares, pottery, pet products, prints/cards, handbags, etc…and even plants. We carry so many different products we have something for every person in your family from young to old.

How do you select what artisans you feature in your shop?

Well, obviously, they have to be a local business in Savannah or Lowcountry (we do have a couple from Bluffton/Hilton Head). We already had an idea of who we wanted to carry based on the markets we participated in so we had a base. As more vendors are trying to get in we determine if it’s something that will appeal to the tourist market (since that’s our main customer base), is it unique from what we already have, etc.


What types of things will be served at the Café?

Our café will serve “monster” shakes…basically milkshakes rimmed in frosting, rolled in candy, topped with whipped cream/syrups and a large cake popsicle from Rum Runners bakery to top it off. We have around 12 different varieties to choose from. The café will also have floats, flavored soda bar, and lemonade/tea with a twist (flavored with a Savannah Square Pops popsicle as ice). As well as, baked goods from local bakeries like cookies, scones, doughnuts, etc. You can also just get a plain milkshake, or scoops of ice cream in a cup or waffle cone.

What is your favorite thing that is served at the Café?

Lemonade with the Savannah Square Pops Tybee Breeze inside it.  It’s like two treats in one and so very refreshing.

What do you love about Savannah?

I love that I can be rushing around from one errand to another then just look over and something beautiful is right there…like when I’m downtown and I see the flowers blooming in a square or crossing the bridge to the islands and the water is gorgeous with the clouds.  In our busy day to day lives you forget to take in what a beautiful place we live in.