Fast, portable and nostalgic, one of America’s favorite menu items is trending. I eat about three hot dogs a year. One on Memorial Day at the beginning of the summer bbq, one on Independence Day before the fireworks and the final dog on Labor Day. That being said, I could possibly be enticed more often with some of Savannah’s gourmet dogs. Let’s hear from some of Savannah’s finest hot dog purveyors about which gourmet hot dogs we should be eating immediately.

The Naked Dog Savannah | 502 East River Street

Jim the owner of The Naked Dog says you should never miss an opportunity to eat The Trailer Park. The TP consists of french fries, shredded cheese and their very own house made spicy mayo. How could you go wrong with that line up of toppings?


Sea Wolf Tybee | 106 S. Campbell Avenue Tybee

The entire staff including the head chef at Sea Wolf Tybee said you can’t miss the Proscuitto Dog! The Proscuitto Dog is an Italian Bombshell: Waygu beef dog wrapped in Proscuitto with Bolognese sauce, fresh burrata and pesto on a perfectly toasted, buttery brioche New England Bun. It has everything you are looking for and it all combines perfectly.  This dog is not always on the menu, so keep a close eye on their social media to see when you can score a Proscuitto Dog for yourself, it’s worth the watch!


Charlie Graingers | 10010 Ford Avenue Richmond Hill

The owner of Charlie Graingers and Savannah local, Jason Cheek, said you should definitely try his favorite dog, the “Mo Heat” which is a combination of sweet and spicy and a totally unique combination of flavors. The dog is topped with housemade pimento cheese, bbq sauce, chipotle, jalapenos, sriracha & Charlie’s spicy pickles. This warrants a 20 minute drive to Richmond Hill any day!


Soda Pop Shoppe | 114 Bull Street

If you look at the SPS‘s reviews on line you will see people specifically drive to town for The Trash Dog. The Trash Dog is a premium dog and everything but the kitchen sink: ketchup, relish, onions, cole slaw, chili and shredded cheese and all for $2.49. Cheap and delicious!