Why is everyone stretching?  Isn’t stretching something to quickly run through before or after a workout? These are just a few of the questions we had for Amanda Stewart the owner and general manager of the newly opened Stretch Zone at 1909 E Victory Drive Suite 106. Read below to find out how stretching can definitely be the main event, improving posture and circulation and mobility no matter your fitness level. Call Ashley today to set up your consultation and let’s make 2021 the most flexible year yet.

Why is it important to stretch?

Amanda says, “Consider how a car seatbelt works. If pulled too quickly, the belt locks. If the belt is forced, you are just stretching the material itself and that’s where injury happens. When a car seatbelt is pulled smoothly and controlled, the belt will fully extend. It’s the same with your body’s stretch reflex.” While traditional stretching methods attempt to make you more “flexible,” The Stretch Zone works to adjust the stretch reflex. This way, trying out the Stretch Zone Method® gradually increases your active range of motion.

What are some of the ways stretching can improve someone’s life?

As a Stretch Zone client, you will feel lighter and younger with increased flexibility and range of motion. Your posture is improved along with your circulation. Also, consistent stretching with us can help to reduce stiffness and soreness. Athletes can enhance their performance by enhancing their physical abilities and developing a greater reaction time. Often times athletes who stretch with us have better spatial awareness as they get to know their body’s limitations better.

How are the stretches performed?

Utilizing our patented equipment, our Stretch Zone practitioners follow specific methods and protocols to properly position, stabilize, isolate and manipulate muscles using powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior.

Who is the ideal Stretch Zone client?

The ideal stretch client for us is anyone who wants to 1) increase flexibility and range of motion 2) decrease stiffness and soreness 3) decrease tension and/or 4) improve athletic performance.

What should I expect from the initial consultation?

At your first appointment you’ll spend an hour with me, the General Manager, or my Assistant GM Ashley Thompson. We will do an assessment of your natural rage of motion so we can better understand your body. We’ll also spend a good amount of time going over your wants, needs and limitations so we can tailor your stretch to you! Clients are asked to wear comfortable clothing, clean socks and a mask.

I haven’t exercised in years, but 2021 is my year.  Where do I start?

For someone just starting out in their health journey I would recommend taking things slow and steady. Depending on the individual we might recommend coming in 1 to 3 times a week. Each person has different limitations and muscle imbalances. I suggest being stretched after you’ve completed your workout for the day. Drink plenty of water and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

Do you have any Grand Opening specials?

We are running some Grand Opening specials. But our packages depend on the client, so discounts vary.

What is your favorite stretch and why?

My favorite stretch is our hip rotator stretch. It’s my favorite to have done because I cannot do it on my own and as an athlete I need it! It feels amazing! My second favorite is the lower back spinal twist.